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Filmmaking workshops for veterans and military families coping with post-traumatic stress.

By combining the therapeutic value of storytelling with the power of digital media, I Was There Film Workshops help participants connect with others and make sense of their service-related experiences through the creation of short films.

  • IWT approach:


    Every veteran's story matters and deserves to be understood.

  • IWT approach:


    Our workshops are about building community by working together toward the shared objective of making a film.

  • IWT approach:


    The process of expressing oneself in a conscious, intentional way can be validating and healing.

> An estimated 1 in 5 veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts currently suffer from post-traumatic stress. The figure is far higher among Vietnam veterans.

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> On average, participants report a 25% reduction in their PTS symptoms over the course of a workshop.

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> Help us support those who have so honorably and bravely served us.

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